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Copy of Setting Boundaries for Business Owners | Season 1, Episode 2

Setting boundaries as early as possible is probably one of the biggest things to help with your mental health as a business owner. Not only with your clients/customers, but with yourself too. We discuss both and why it feels hard to say no sometimes.

Time Stamps

0:00 -- Intro

0:48 -- Setting boundaries in your personal tasks

5:43 -- How do you set boundaries and still be successful?

6:40 -- Is your list hurting or helping?

9:50 -- Present in life vs high production time

14:47 -- How do you have a hard conversation if you don't like conflict

19:05 -- Can you be a people pleaser and have boundaries?

22:01 -- We make setting boundaries harder than what it is

27:13 -- Making space to focus on the positive

30:10 -- Using hygge as my path to setting personal boundaries

34:10 -- Sometimes you have to put the list away

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