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What does burnout look like? | Season 1, Episode 1

Simple Balance | Real Conversations & Simple Solutions for Business Owners, What does burnout look like? Season 1, Episode 1

In today’s episode I have a special guest, Barb Atkinson, a long-time business owner who recently burnt out. Today we’re having a candid conversation about some of the things we’ve noticed on our path to burnout.

Time Stamps

0:56 -- Hustle culture is redefining how we see success

4:02 -- Recognizing your burnt out

6:07 -- Learning the need for better work/life balance

7:30 -- Recognizing past failures

12:49 - Delegation for the wrong purpose

13:45 - Boundaries and Limits

15:55 - Am I a people pleaser?

18:00 - Excessive expectations and their negative impact

19:21 - Setting better boundaries

21:22 - Business owner quirks; is it just me?

23:07 - Decision making fatigue

27:00 - Looking at the bottom line

28:40 - Are we pushing our staff to burnout too?

32:00 - Time off

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